Opinion: Trash Cans Are Needed In Parking Lot

At Dimond High School, the students are not doing a very good job at keeping the campus clean.


There are no trash cans in the parking lot, and that needs to be changed.


When asked about the trash in the student parking lot, Senior, Remi Embly said, “The trash in the parking lot is gross.” she said, “If there were trash cans in the student parking lot, the trash would decrease, but the trash cans would need to be bolted down so that the students don’t ruin them or steal them”


Senior, Taylor Schnell and Junior, Jenna Hickle agreed with Embly but Jenna added that, “Some people are lazy and just throw it right out of their car”


The Great Alaska PIzza Company boxes are the worst. They are always thrown under the car because the few trash cans that are outside close to the school are not big enough and are always full.


More trash cans in the parking lot would benefit the campus, students and the staff.


The only worry of more trash cans is that students would attempt to hit them with their car or vandalize them.


Dimond would need to find a way to keep them from being ruined.


Student Government is trying to get this project started and limit the trash in the student parking lot.


Most students agree that the trash in the parking is not okay.


Dimond is one of the best schools in the Alaska.


We have outrageous spirit and hold many state titles.


Dimond has a good group of kids that don’t stir up too much trouble.


Unfortunately, some students at Dimond are lazy and don’t care about the trash around the campus.


Littering and disrespecting Dimond High School is a problem that needs to be dealt with.


When students or people from other schools come to visit, one of the first things they see is the trash on the campus.


It’s very unnecessary for the custodians to take extra time to pick up students’ trash. If there were trash cans in the parking lot, the trash could easily be decreased.


Senior, Brent Quinn also agree and said, “I don’t like the trash. I think that if there were trash cans in the parking lot the trash might decrease. But, who knows? Some students are ignorant and would just throw it under their cars.”


He said, “There aren’t really any bad points to putting up the trash cans. It is a good idea to keep our campus clean.”


When Holly Morris, the assistant principal for student services, was asked about the issue, she said,  “It was probably looked into before. We would need to find a way to get them secured to the ground because they may get stolen.”


Getting the trash cans in the student parking lot would be a difficult task, although it shouldn’t be.

The students shouldn’t be so rude and disrespectful to our school.


A clean campus looks nice and professional to the public.


Dimond is not a trashy school but the few students that don’t treat the school how it should be treated are making it look like one.


Dimond students need to clean up the trash. We are a good school and we need to show that.