School Should Start Later

Is the average teenager getting enough sleep? Many have heard this question or wondered it themselves.

The solution? School starting later.

Many agreed school starting around nine would be more preferable. Sadly, it has already been discussed and the bus schedule presents a problem.

Freshman Maya Carle suggested, “Since all the same buses are used to for all the schools in the district, we could still have high school start later by keeping the same bus schedule. Like move all the school starting times we have now an hour and a half later.”

I personally think that is a great idea. Then elementary schools would end around 5 p.m.

The bonus about this is that most parents are getting off from work around then and can pick their young children up, reducing the need for the afternoon buses at elementary schools, which most likely use the most.

This puts more money in ASD’s wallet, which is always good, and school could even be pushed two hours later.

That way, elementary students’ parents can get off work and have enough time to drive to the child’s school. I mean, what kid wouldn’t like to see their parents at the end of the day?

However, there are students opposed to the idea.

Dimond freshman Alisa Pairmore talks about how she prefers earlier hours.

“I like having all the time after school. I remember after school, in elementary, not having much time. I definitely like the longer hours more. I can get a lot done,” she said.

When asked if she finished her school work early enough to get to bed on time she replied, “No… part of it has to do with my soccer schedule, but I usually stay up until midnight or later.”

This is the problem, and I feel that school should start later because most students stay up late anyway.

Every morning I’m exhausted and feel like a zombie; there is honestly nothing more I want than to sleep.

However, when night time rolls around I’m super amped up. It’s actually hard for me to fall asleep until the later hours drag on by, and I have heard this is how it is for a majority of students.

I suggest the late start because sleeping in is so much easier than going to bed early, and even though we will be getting out of school later, it won’t matter since we now can sleep in, we can also stay up late without stressing about trying to fall asleep at the appropriate time.

Staying up late will give you all those extra hours you want, and then you will be tired enough to fall asleep.

Teenage sleep deprivation is a big problem. It’s affecting people paying attention in class, which is not good at all.

I personally am useless when I’m tired and have the attention span of a puppy, and it’s painful for me to stay awake and pay attention, like it’s actually physically painful.

This is why I strongly feel the Anchorage School District should start school later.