Review: iPhone 7 Brings New Features

Rumors of Apple’s iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have been talked about for months now.

However, Sept., 7, 2016, marked the official release date of the phone.

There have been numerous shocks both positive and negative in reaction to the new device.

The most common shock regarding the new iPhones is the single port.

There will only be one place to charge your phone, listen to headphones and use an auxiliary cord.

“I find the idea of a single port really inconvenient, it doesn’t make sense for someone who needs to listen to music while they charge their phone. I know they have the new Bluetooth ear buds, but not everyone can afford them,” said San Diego junior, Jade Phillips.

Apple has used the idea of their newest Bluetooth headphones to makeup for the single port. They run at about $158, so not everyone has the chance to purchase them.

“I love the idea of the the single input. My last iPhone actually broke because something got stuck in the headphone jack. Plus, it’s perfect for me because I already have Bluetooth Beats,” said Madison Horwatt, Dimond High School junior.

Another huge change Apple has announced is the dual cameras on the 7 Plus.

Phillips said, “I was so excited to hear about the dual camera, but I was disappointed to hear that it is only for the iPhone 7 Plus. I’ve been waiting for that forever. Every time I open my camera while I have my flashlight on, the flashlight turns off and that’s really annoying. The people who get the iPhone 7 Plus, will have the ability to not rely on flash since typically that makes your eyes look weird. They can just use the flashlight to light up the picture.”

There’s one more huge shocker coming with the new set of iPhones. This time, they are waterproof.

“Apple is making a splash!” said CNN.

Junior Deborah West said, “My family is going to cherish the waterproof effect. We’ve lost about three phones from water damage. It’s always too expensive for us to fix them all.”

Sophomore Chris Loudon said, “It will be nice having waterproof iPhones because right now I have a waterproof Otter Box and that was $60. It doesn’t even work very well. One time I left my phone near the kitchen sink and it glitched out because it got water in the speaker.”

The only negative aspect of the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is that it is so thin. Many believe it may end up bending.

“I don’t believe the rumor of the bending iPhones. I know they get thinner with every new release, but I’ve never met someone who’s had that happen. The only time I have heard of that happening is when the Macbook Air was released,” said Loudon.

Nilay Patel from The Verge said, “The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are deeply unusual devices. The dual cameras on the 7 Plus promise to user in a new era in mobile photography.”

Many have stated that they believe these new iPhones will be revolutionary as far as their new features, others disagree.

Ewan Spence from said, “It seems Apple is trying to force the adaption of a wireless world.”

The bar has been set high for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Apple fans can only hope Apple will deliver another record breaking device.