High School in the Movies… Not Real Life?

Most people have seen those teen movies in the early 2000s. Now, there is a lot about the movies that aren’t true, and we’ll get started with the main character. For some reason they’re the same to me when it comes to the characters’ personalities, and when it comes to their friends, why does the movie make them fall for each other? I have no problem with that gimmick, it just feels forced, but the thing I see the most in the movies is “The Bully.” They annoy me the most; no one would shove you in a locker and lock the thing.  #1. That’s not possible (trust me, I have tried to fit inside my locker, but I can’t get in), and #2. People can get way more creative than just the paper balls they throw in the classroom and the spit darts they spit out of the straws. The way they talk is the most unrealistic I have ever seen; I counted and the word NERD is the most on the list: three movies and the number is 164 out of all of them. The music they play in the movies is the worst I have ever heard, it’s so corny and weird I didn’t even know that songs like that existed. And the ending is stupid! Out of the three movies, why do 2 of them end at an airport where the main character is moving and the friend finally confesses to them and it’s always right as they open the gate and are about to board the plane? The friend would have never made it to them in the first place; first, they have to go through security and then find out which plane they are on… by the time they get to him he is already on the plane starting his flight to wherever they’re moving to.