Rapid-Fire Horror Reviews

The Menu: The best psychological movie I have seen so far, every meal on the menu describes them in a way. For example,  there are three rich guys whose boss owns the restaurant there and one of the meals is tacos and tortillas, and they have memories of them. The rich guys had bank fraud and tax evasion records on their tortillas also there’s foreshadowing in the first moment of the movie. I won’t go into detail for ending sake but the one food I like the most is bread. Now in the movie they don’t actually get bread, they get some jello crap or whatever it is. It’s not bread and the customers all of a sudden want the bread and the rich guys pulled the “do you know who I am?” and for the bread, it’s supposed to represent you and you only. You always want it when it’s not available to you “you will eat less than you desire and more than you deserve” the twist chefs kiss them and the characters and even the background people are a part of the story they have personalities that you don’t see a lot of, but I wanna say I was glad Tyler is dead in the show. Even though this guy was a bunny hopper like he was crazy for the head chef. For example, this dude snapped at his date when she asked a veiled question and when there was a time when they had a chance to escape the island (the restaurant is on an island) he was just staring out the window like a creep. The head chef is a great villain and a broken man who was tired of everything he had and had a love for cooking until he signed his contract and had his restaurant. You don’t see him cook at all up until the burger but you find out for yourself. It is currently free on prime. Overall 10/10

Smile: You can’t survive the demon when it has possession of you, you’re already dead because he has reality-bending, Mind control, and can possess your body, Hallucinations, Ect

This guy made the main character kill her cat and give it to her nephew for his 8th birthday making her seem crazy as heck and she doesn’t even remember it because he did it when she was sleeping. It didn’t help that her mom had a mental history so there’s that. There is only one that was of possessions, traumatizing moments like a person dying right in front of you and you know they’re going because of their smile. Let me talk about the smile. They smile like a Baki character and when you see that one smiling you’re done. The only way of getting the demon out of you is by making another traumatizing moment like killing someone in front of someone. If you kill yourself when no one else sees you in a secluded spot then the demon can possess someone else because there isn’t anybody to possess. I don’t know what happened then because I forgot it’s a horror movie. Overall, great movie but I hate the actors. Overall 10/10

Incantation: Do you believe in blessings or curses? In this movie, there is really a horror movie in which the spirits or ghosts are scary because of a dumb thing. The main character died 6 years ago and now she and her daughter are facing the consequences of their stupidity. There curse in the movie is like Rec all over again, and because this movie is recorded on a portable camera or a laptop and the woman is not a reporter and she is at the wrong place at the wrong time but I just got to warn you don’t say the chant of the movie and don’t do the hand sign. (side note: this movie is based on true events) What I like about this movie is how they trick you at the beginning of the film, the lady says “I need you guys to pray with me” but not trying to spoil what the chant means. Let’s just say it’s not a Christian prayer and devoting yourself to god and thanking him for things. Overall 10/10

Paranormal Activity: The main reason you don’t live in a house someone was murdered in or where a cult was is because half of them wasn’t their fault. Paranormal activity is only seen through the cameras in the house and it’s up to you to spot the paranormal thing going in some obvious way. Sometimes it’s not so bad, but what sets me apart from the movie is the way the people in this movie treated the ghost. Why would you stay in a house that has a ghost in it? An angry one that ticks me off is why they didn’t burn down the house because if I found a cockroach in my place, Do you think I wanna stay in a haunted house? The thing is, they did nothing like powder doesn’t do against a ghost that can touch you and lift things that you can’t. The best you can do is get a cross and hope for the best and as you know priests don’t do anything in that universe they just make it madder and I like the fact that they think that they can capture it. This is not Scooby-Doo where the ghost is just some guy in a costume this is a real ghost you run if you see one so in conclusion know the history of the house before you buy it.  8/10