Dimond Looks Forward to Great Baseball Season

Dimond High is looking forward to having a great baseball season this year.

Dimond Junior Stephen Jacobs said, “We’re taking it all this year, no doubt. We may not have the most talent, but just like any sport, anything can happen. If you believe you can achieve.”

Dimond fell short of a state title last year but are looking forward to improvement this year.

“It’s just a matter of time before we retake the crown,” Jacobs said. “It’s time for us to make a comeback and why not have that comeback this year? Why not us?”

Around the team there’s a buzz of excitement and positivity hoping for a better season than last, which ended with Dimond’s archnemesis, South High, taking home the state title.

“I’m hoping for a good season this year,” said none other than Dimond’s commissioner of spirit Jin Chong.

“I love to support all of Dimond’s team and the better they do, the bigger the crowd. We’re hoping to bring spirit to all sports, not just volleyball and basketball.”

Chong believes that the boys can pull off a state title as long as they have a roaring crowd.

“You’d be surprised how much spirit can affect a team’s morale. It’s amazing to see what a turnaround it can make for our fellow students and that’s why I became commissioner of spirit in the first place. I had to support the boys.”

A new addition to baseball practices is crossfit training. Two of the crossfit trainers come and give the boys and sometimes softball girls a good workout.

Senior Brandon Sakumoto said, “ I have never worked out so hard in my life, it really gets us in shape for the upcoming games.”

Sophomore Jack Hoen is new to the varsity this year and has high hopes for the season. Hoen says, “ I can’t wait to have another great season with the boys, we all work really great together, I hope we make it all the way to state!”

Senior Emma Hickel is the baseball manager. Hickel said, “ There are a lot of good kids, the team is looking great, even JV has an impressive team, they all get along very well.”

Hickel also said, “ I really enjoy baseball and I can’t wait for the season to really get started!”

All the baseball games begin in may but there is no set schedule out yet.