Dimond Volleyball Is Going Strong

All of Dimond’s sports programs are known for their strength and consistent good seasons, and the volleyball team is no exception.

The varsity team has been going strong, winning the West Spiketacular, where they beat all of the teams they played.

“The game against West in the Spiketacular was particularly satisfying for our Varsity squad, because we had lost to West the first time we played them this season,” said Sophomore Brynn Sulte.

JV volleyball is also having a good season, with a current record of 3-2, as of this writing. However, they do have areas that players say need work.

Sophomore Camai Dobbins cites passing as a weak area for the JV team.

“We sometimes have trouble getting the ball to the setters, and that hurts our ability to score,” she said.

Dimond C Team Volleyball works on similar actions, according to Freshman Maddie Horwatt.

“In practice, we work a lot on serving and receiving, so we can better have and handle the ball in games,” she said.

Horwatt is also pleased with the C Team season so far, and has made many new friends.

“But I feel as a whole we could be a stronger team, “she said.

Varsity, likewise, is trying to bond. Dimond Varsity lost many seniors last year, and many members of the Varsity team are new to playing with each other.

Sulte, new to the Varsity squad this year, said, “One of my team’s main challenges is getting used to each other and figuring out how to work as a team.”

And while all of the teams have similar challenges in practice, they also have a very similar challenge on the court.

South High School has a very strong volleyball program, which both JV and Varsity agree is their stiffest competition.

Sulte emphasized South’s experience on the court.

“They have all been playing together for a long time, and many of them are seniors,” she said.

JV player Dobbins agrees, and had some reasons of her own.

“They have very hard hits and serves, which are hard to go up against. They also have a very strong passing game, and for two years they have been state volleyball champions.”

Varsity Volleyball Coach Kim Lauwers agrees that South is strong competition,but she says that Dimond is its own biggest competition.

“If we focus on us, we can be successful,” she said.

Yep, South is a pretty intimidating team to face across the net, but if any team is up to it, it’s the Lady Lynx.

The season is still going, but all three teams are confident that when it ends, they will have done Dimond proud.

Lauwers states her hopes for the season:

“I would love to see our team grow as a team, have a great volleyball experience, and hopefully be successful in our league and the state.”