Dimond, South Face Off in Star Wars Charity Game

On Saturday, Dec. 5, the boys varsity teams of South and Dimond hockey teams will participate in Dimond’s annual charity event.

The game is at Ben Boeke Ice Arenas at 6:15 pm.

All proceeds will go directly to the Brother Francis shelter.

Last season, Dimond chose Social Catholic Services (Clare House) for their charity of choice.

This season, the team wanted to do choose a similar charity, so Brother Francis was their charity of choice.

Every year, Dimond gets special jerseys to wear during their charity event.

South will also wear special jerseys for the event.

The theme for the night in Boys Prep hockey is Star Wars.

Long time rivals, South and Dimond, all seem to agree that this is a great event for a great cause.

But that is the only thing they seem to agree on.

Dimond Hockey junior, Tanner Rath, said, “The rivalry between South and Dimond goes way back. There are always friends that bridge between both schools and whenever you play against your buddies you always want to win.

“Our games are always very intense and competitive and it makes for a great game to play and for the fans to watch,” Rath said.

Junior and South Hockey Captain, Ben Trujillo said, “This game is important for both schools. Our rivalry is huge and it makes us play at the top of our game and it always attracts huge crowds.”

The Saturday night game has been creating a lot of hype.

Dimond Hockey junior Ryan Perius said, “The atmosphere for this game is what is going to stand out the most.
“The special jerseys worn by both teams, the cause for the event, all the hype it’s creating, and the fact that it’s Dimond vs South. It’s huge for both teams.” Perius said.

Dimond’s senior netminder, Chris Gardeline, said,”We’re both pumped. This game is for a great cause and we’re all excited to see how the next chapter in the rivalry shapes out.”

South Senior and Assistant Captain, Jonah Hayes, said, “The South/Dimond rivalry is huge. It is a constant battle throughout the regular season and in regions and state. We are always neck and neck.
“I think the Star Wars theme and the charity night is huge. It brings a lot more to the table and helps raise money for a great cause in a fun way that isn’t boring.” Hayes said.

Both teams are aware of the hype for this game, but they understand that what they are doing goes beyond the hockey rink and even the rivalry between the schools.

Both teams will be auctioning off their specially worn jerseys and all the proceeds will go to the Brother Francis Shelter.

Both teams and the fans are also bringing in items for the shelter.

“We are trying to get as many items for the homeless at Brother Francis so they can live more comfortable,” said Rath.

“We are trying to as much for the community that has given us so much,” Rath said.

Brother Francis has created a wish list for the teams and fans to bring to the game.

They wish to get: $5 Walmart gift cards, daily bus passes, fresh fruits, coffee, plastic spoons, 2oz paper cups, bath towels, toothbrush and toothpaste, underwear, deodorant, bath towels, bandages, winter coats, wool socks, warm gloves and winter boots.