Dimond’s Hockey State Champs

Boys Hockey Championship Win.

Dimond hockey has had one of the most memorable seasons in a long time. Going into the first game undefeated against South was not an easy win. Although the Lynx haven’t had the best seasons in the past, they sure managed to pull through this season and take the undefeated team title back, winning by 2-1! This season the boys’ hockey team won 12 games and tied 2. The girls’ hockey Dimond West team won 10 games, tied 1, and lost 1, reclaiming the boys’ and girls’ number one place in the hockey league. The boys came back from a terrible downfall of losses the last two years. This year’s boys hockey champions had a lot of doubts about winning the season, but they kept their heads held high and took their title.

Dimond girls hockey with their championship trophy.
Dimond boys hockey at the championship match, Dimond vs. Chugiak.