Dimond Sports

On October 13, 2022, the Lady Lynx flag football team took on the South High Wolverines for the Division 1 state championship. After defeating the West High Eagles 14-0, the Lady Lynx moved on to face the Wolverines for the state title. With a score of 27-6, the Lady Lynx won the state championship three times in a row as defending state champions. “A hard and well-fought game,” said Mai Mateaki. The Lady Lynx ended another season being state champions and another successful record 16-1 with their only loss to the South High Wolverines, the very same team they avenged themselves against for the championship. Next season also looks solid, with Junior Mai Mateaki, the first-team All-State linebacker and running back coming back for her senior season as the defending state champions.

On October 14, 2022, The Varsity Girl’s Volleyball team traveled to Bartlett High School to play them on their senior night. The varsity volleyball team defeated Bartlett High School with a score of 3-1. With set one, the Lady lynx won with the score of 25-14 following set two, which was the only set they lost, 25-21. Set three followed up on their loss with a victory, 25-10, leaving them to finish off Bartlett in the last set, 25-14. Another victory was another improvement in the conference record, 11-0, and an overall record of 24-6, at the time of writing. I can’t wait to see them play against East High School’s Thunderbirds!