TV Show Review: Lab Rats


Three special magical teenagers living in a basement, does that capture your attention? If so, that’s amazing, because I will be reviewing the Disney XD TV show Lab Rats, about a 13-year-old boy named Leo Dooley moving into his new scientific-inventor stepdad Donald Davenport’s house with his mom Tasha Dooley. Leo discovers three teens in his basement Adam, Bree, and Chase who have bionic abilities. (Super Strength, Super Speed, Super Intelligence, and others in that order) Adam, Bree, and Chase are trained to go on missions to save the world with their bionic abilities. The one major thing all of them have to do is keep their bionic secret, otherwise, if their secret would be revealed, the FBI will take them and be their government guinea pigs. The show lasts for four seasons, from 2012 to 2016. Each episode has a runtime of 22 minutes unless it’s a double-length episode, which is around 45 minutes. It was Disney XD’s biggest hit, gaining over 600,000 viewers on average each season. The show gets slightly downhill as it goes on, but it’s still an amazing show. With That’s So RavenGravity Falls, and Star vs. The Forces of Evil, people knew what to expect from a Disney sitcom. But Lab Rats changed everything, with detailed characters, attention-grabbing plots, and stunning special effects that will leave you like “WOAH!”

Let’s introduce the characters. The series protagonist Leo Dooley is a nerdy, flashy, go-getter 14-year-old boy. He can be seen as arrogant, rude, sassy, and doesn’t care about anything much, except for the cheerleaders at school, and his stepdad’s money. But at heart, Leo is a nice person when he tries. He helps the people he cares about… at times at least. And his humor and punchlines make him easily one of the most likable characters in the show. Next is the oldest bionic sibling, Adam. Adam is seen as an airhead whose most redeeming quality is his super strength. Even Donald couldn’t save that one. Adam is childish, and always pulls pranks on his siblings, and even his punchlines showcasing his stupidity are so annoying since it’s super frequent. Bree is the middle sibling, and her personality changes frequently throughout the show. I don’t know if it’s because she’s isolated in her basement for the first 13-15 years of her life, or the producers didn’t know how to write a female character, but either way, it’s kind of interesting if you pay attention. She is funny, and witty, and is always sick of the males in her house, but it’s fine because she’s Bree. Next is the youngest sibling Chase, who is seen as extremely nerdy, spazzy, and as Adam calls him, “girl-repellent”. All of those are mainly due to his super intellect, but even though he’s arguably the most important character in the series, he’s by far the most underrated and underappreciated character. Lastly is the stepdad inventor Donald Davenport, an extremely egotistical narcissist, who manages to make anything about himself, even if it’s a life-or-death situation. Even if the characters are so diverse in personality, abilities, and overall character, the dynamic makes the show so much better. Lab Rats is easily a 10/10 series, and it’s definitely worth a watch.