Album Review: MAXIDENT

Today I’m gonna rate an album by the name of MAXIDENT by Stray Kids. The first song is CASE 143, aka the title track, The song features an uplifting track conveying how their love was supposed to be a MAXIDENT (hence the album name) in doing so, they created 7 more songs to show their devotion to the super accident. Almost all of the songs express a situation that made them “fall in love” such as CHILL, TASTE, and Give me your TMI. The rest of the songs are just extras or explaining a soft topic of their love. The album comes in 3 versions; T-CRUSH, GO, & HEART.

MAXIDENT sold out in less than a day, reaching past 1.3 Million sales and it became their best-selling album. It also did take an extremely long time for them to bring the album back to stores like Target and Barnes & Noble, when last I checked it took about 2-3 weeks for them to ship it to other states, and about a month for another shipment of albums to return to the stores.

If I were to rate the album I’d give it a good 8.7/10. As a fan of stray kids and awaiting their first comeback from MANIAC It was one of their better albums, but not their best. Ever since SKZ-Replay dropped that’s more of where everyone has been boosting since they don’t have to stream them on youtube anymore. I will always believe NOEASY will be their best Album by far, SILENT CRY and THE VIEW are some of Netizen’s favorites because of the relatable situations they have been put through. Their producer and leader Christopher Bang otherwise known as Bangchan has helped by writing lyrics, composing beats, and working on vocal practice with his members ever since their debut and it shows his patients with the results of the albums when you get the chance I recommend checking them out.