Senior Spotlight: Isaac Villeda

As the school year begins, excited freshmen are rolling in while eager seniors are ready to roll out. Among the 2018 class of Dimond High, Isaac Villeda is one of the eager ones.

Villeda is an aspiring and ambitious 18-year-old-senior at Dimond High School. He’s the current president of the Student Advisory Board, an active member of Student Government and most importantly, a well-respected person to his friends and others.  

Villeda has dedicated his high school years not only to completing school, but also to making a positive change around him.

Dimond history teacher and Student Government advisor Lem Wheeles has had Villeda as a student for four years and has seen the contributions he has made. Wheeles gives intel on Villeda’s three year in the Student Advisory Board in which he strives to make district wide changes.

Wheeles was proud and honored to announce that Villeda is the well-deserved 2017 President of the Student Advisory Board.

Wheeles said, “Isaac has been active in Student Government in more ways than I can count. He is always full of bright ideas, and he works very hard for what he wants.”

Wheeles added, “Isaac is truly a great mentor to Student Government.”

Villeda’s fellow member of Student Government and close friend, Senior Makenna Boring said, “Isaac puts in a lot of work and opinions. He’s created a schedule where he can dedicate much of his time to Student Government, and that’s because he cares about the changes he tries to make.”

Boring also mentioned that Villed is Dimond’s representative for the Alaska Association of Student Government (ASAAG) which ables him to better Dimond’s Student Government, along with other school’s as well.

A new program at Dimond High, called the Freshmen Mentoring Program, is another association Villeda partakes in.

Senior Kaleigh Haworth said, “Isaac is really good with the freshmen, and I believe it’s because of how out going he is. Also because of how much he loves his school and how much he wants to contribute to make it a better place.”

Aside from being a well respected and hands-on member of the Student Advisory Board and Student Government, Villeda is a very admired friend.

Villeda proudly said that his favorite qualities about himself are that he is selfless and optimistic. Many of his close friends can attest to this.

Senior Adrienne Lujan said, “A way Isaac is a good friend is that he is always looking out for others and making sure people are okay.”

Villeda even plans continuing his charity in the future. “I want to run a non-profit organization that helps people and the less fortunate in a great way,” said Villeda.

While looking out for his friends and other people, Villeda also stirs up inspiration within them.

Isaac said, “My mom really inspires me. She makes me want to be brave and strong.”

The effect that Villeda’s mom has on him is reflected in how his friends perceive him.

Boring said, “Isaac inspires me to put a positive spin on everything. He’s always in a positive mood, even when having to talk about upsetting stuff.”

Villeda has had to encounter many obstacles in his life. The most recent event being the death of his father, Isaac Villeda Sr.

Villeda said that his dad had been unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer last year. As they searched and travelled for the best help to get, things got worse for Isaac Villeda Sr.

During this last summer is when Isaac Villeda Sr. passed away.

Lujan said, “Even when there are hardships he has to face, he always overcomes and is so positive, regardless of the circumstances.”

The death of Villeda’s father was definitely the hardest thing he has ever had to face. Therefore it was the most challenging thing he has had to overcome.

Villeda said, “Being surrounded by my loved ones and just knowing that they were there for me really helped me get through it.”

Being strong and always overcoming hardships is one of Villeda’s goals, among many others.

“I want to look back at my past and be able to not have any regrets,” Villeda said is his most important goal.