Senior Spotlight: Olivia Kelzenberg

Senior Olivia Kelzenberg is a beam of light here at Dimond. 

Kelzenberg has proven again and again she is a hard working, kind and sweet young woman. 

Kelzenberg has many academic strengths. One of her achievements is being in the top ten percentile of her class. 

Jennifer Childress, a science teacher at Dimond, said, “I appreciate Olivia for her positive attitude and strong work ethic. Both in person and over Zoom, Olivia interacts in class, helps her classmates and is an all-fantastic student and person.”

Not only does Kelzenberg succeed in her school work, but she is a killer middle for Dimond’s Varsity Volleyball team. 

Kelzenberg has been playing volleyball since she was in the fifth grade back in the Boys and Girls Club. She quickly made her way up through the ranks, from being on C1 as a freshman to varsity as a junior and senior. 

Kelzenberg put in the work to become the tower of power she is now on the court. 

Even though her high school volleyball journey had ended, college is just a jump and spike away. 

“I love being a part of the team this year. We worked hard despite the challenges and finished undefeated. I will miss Dimond volleyball, but I am excited to move on.

“Warm ups before games will always be fun memories… and game days in general.

“Future Dimond players should work hard and enjoy it while they can,” Kelzenberg said.

Dimond Varsity Volleyball Coach Kimberly Lauwers said, “Olivia is one of my most enjoyable and hard working student athletes that I have ever coached. We have a ton of talent in our volleyball program which includes Olivia, but Olivia adds much more than that.

“She is all about TEAM and doing whatever her team and coaches ask of her. She is very positive and a no drama type of player and one of our most improved players this year. 

“She can block and attack anything and even became a great passer as well. She has always earned the respect of her teammates and coaches, because of her servant leadership, high character and loyalty to her team.

“Olivia will be deeply missed not only on the court, but off the court as well.”
Kelzenberg has not settled on a college yet, but plans to continue playing volleyball.

Kelzenberg said, “I plan on playing collegiate volleyball in Oregon or Washington. They are close to home and are somewhat similar to the outdoor environment.

“I want to continue volleyball, because I love the game and the aspect of being on a team. It may never be a career but will definitely be a passion for a long time.”

The athletic genes run through the Kelzenberg bloodline. Dimond Sophomore Jolee Kelzenberg, Olivia’s younger sister accompanied her this year on varsity. 

“I’m so proud of you Olivia. Thank you for making my first two years of high school an unforgettable experience. 

“I had so much fun playing volleyball with you during your senior year of high school I can’t wait to continue to go through life with my best friend,” Jolee Kelzenberg said.

Inside of school you can find Kelzenberg putting in work in Cullen Lickingteller’s art class. 

“My favorite teacher at Dimond is LT, he always supports his students and makes them laugh. He genuinely cares for the students at Dimond,” Kelzenberg said.

The feeling is mutual between Lickingteller and Kelzenberg.

Lickingteller stated, “Olivia started out in art as a quiet, humble, talented artist in Art 1 freshman year, and ended as a quiet, humble, talented artist in Advanced Art senior year. 

“Olivia always created top quality art and carried herself with dignity, on the volleyball court or art class. Sometimes the quiet, unobtrusive people carry the most power and talent.

“Olivia spoke quietly, but her actions spoke loudly, and her kindness and compassion alone is enough to cement her memory in our minds. Her art stood apart as exceptionally sensitive and detail oriented.

“Her aggressive volleyball play positioned her as one of the best players in the state. We will not forget her.”

Kelzenberg is not only athletically and artistically gifted, but outside of the art room you can find her playing spikeball, baking and cooking. 

Kelzenberg has been a kind soul to all who she has encountered in and out of Dimond.

Dimond Sophomore and Kelzenberg’s best friend Lauren Sulte said, “Olivia is the definition of an admirable and genuine person. 

“She has always been kind to everyone she’s encountered, even when I was a freshman practicing on her team full of upperclassmen and I did not know many people. To much surprise we became very close friends and Olivia was never embarrassed to be hanging out with a freshman. 

“I will miss going on roadtrips and playing spikeball late into the summer nights, but she is going to achieve amazing things wherever she chooses to go to college. I know for a fact that Olivia will continue to bring joy and love to many people’s lives as she did for mine and many others at Dimond. 

“Love you Olivia and I can’t wait to see what you do in your future. P.S. keep being amazing.”