Senior Spotlight: Eve Kedem

Eve Kedem is an extroverted senior at Dimond High School.

With her unique personality, Kedem was voted most original for senior superlatives. 

Kedem said, “I am graduating with honors for having a GPA above 3.5 all throughout high school. 

“I have received an academic letter and some stars my freshmen and sophomore year for my GPA.”

Not only is she a good student, but Kedem is also very involved at Dimond.

Kedem said, “I am a co-president/founder of Coffee Club with my best friend Stella Kvidera.”

This idea originated from Kedem’s love for coffee and free time after school.

Kedem said, “Stella and I were managers for the volleyball teams our junior year.

“We would sit and drink coffee, make signs for volleyball, and gossip about the latest tea. Eventually, we were like this should be a club.”

After it was official, the club fulfilled its purpose.

Kedem said, “we would be here all day for school and then on top of that we would stay here for a few more hours and then go to a volleyball match that would go on all night.

“Naturally we just needed some type of pick-me-up since we were so tired, so we started making coffee in the art room and bringing cinnamon and mugs.”

Kedem has a big heart and is known for her unique personality. 

Senior Sonya Garcia stated, “She’s a very bubbly and passionate person. She can be very opinionated and knows how to get her point across.”

In concurrence, Senior Stella Kividera stated, “Eve is super cool, fun, and down to Earth and I love spending time with her.”

Kedem is not only loved by her peers but also by her teachers.

Math teacher Todd Stark said, “Eve was a student in my geometry class and she was also my teacher’s assistant her junior year.

“She is thoughtful, friendly, outgoing, and very easy to communicate with. She’s just very nice.”

Kedem looks up to her mother as an inspirational person.

“I’m a huge mama’s girl.

“She and I are like the Gilmore Girls. We have the same sense of nerdy humor and are both strong intelligent women,” said Kedem. 

Parting from high school, Kedem has much to miss and more to look forward to. 

Kedem said, “I will miss a lot of the staff. 

“Mr. Stark is such an amazing teacher. I’ve always felt comfortable in his class and he was always willing to help me out with any issues I had in math.”

The surrounding people are what give students the full high school experience. 

Kedem said, “I will miss all the friends and staff that I have bonded with.

“Ms. Thelma and Rob in the front office, LT, EJ, Mr. Campbell, Ms. Fisher, Ms. Morris, Mrs. Norsworthy. Jeez I can go on and on.”

Kedem describes herself as bold, positive, emotional, hilarious, blunt, intelligent, caring, etc.

“I have a big heart for those that I love. I always want to make sure everyone is having a good time and is happy.”

Garica stated, “She is one of a kind with her compassionate and sassy personality. She goes out of her way to be there for her friends and always makes an effort to show them she cares. 

“My favorite thing about her is that she doesn’t let anyone limit what she can do and sticks to being herself.”

Kedem plans to take a gap year then proceed to major in writing or dance. 

“UAA is probably where I would start, and then after two years I might transfer to a college in California where I want to end up in the end.” 

Kedem said, “Thank you to all who have helped shape me into the awesome person I am.”

Kedem will definitely be remembered by many. 

Kvidera stated, “My favorite thing about Eve is her personality and her ability to make anyone smile.

“She is a super cool girl who made high school 10 times better.”

Stark said, “I can tell she’s got a pretty strong center, she knows who she is and I’m sure she’s got a compass that’s going to turn her in the right direction as it did for me also when I was her age.”

Stark believes that Kedem is friendly, outgoing, honest, sincere and on top of things. 

“Overall, I just really enjoyed having Eve as a student and as an aide, she’s just great and I can’t say enough good things about her.

“Eve is really sincere when she asks you how you’re doing and what’s going on. She’s a good listener and she seems to really care .”

Lastly, a word of advice from Garcia who said, “I would just like to tell Eve to never lose the person she is and to follow her dreams- wherever that may take her.”