Senior Spotlight: Kyle Henrickson

It is the start of a new year here at Dimond High School. For Kyle Henrickson, it is his last. Kyle is senior at Dimond, and on his way to college.

“All four years have been a blast, and sadly it’s the last,” he said.

Dimond has been home to Henrickson all four years of high school. Freshman year, he participated in baseball, football and basketball. This would mark the time he received his first varsity letter.

“Baseball isn’t just a sport, it’s a lifestyle,” said Henrickson.

Baseball is his main sport, and the first sport he earned a varsity letter.

Being a freshman on the team, Henrickson said it was hard to get the upperclassman on the team to respect him, and he was going to try his hardest to earn their respect.

When I asked Henrickson what his favorite memory of baseball that year was, he responded,

“My favorite memory would be the game I actually played in, and hit a double scoring the go-ahead run.”

Henrickson also played basketball and football, and was on C-Team freshman year.

He received the Most Improved for basketball, and was pulled up to sit the bench at a few football games.

Sophomore year Henrickson realized basketball was not going to be his main sport, and was going to focus on football and baseball.

Henrickson was officially on varsity for football now, and baseball.

Henrickson loves to play quarterback, but Dimond already had one, so he played tight-end. For baseball, he played second base.

Henrickon’s sophomore year of baseball was his most tragic season. At the end of the season in the last game against South Wolverines, Henrickson slid into third base, tearing his UCL in his thumb

Henrickson would be out the rest of the season after surgery, but still showing up to the games to support his team.

“After Kyle had torn his UCL, I knew it was a big loss to our team. He’s a great teammate,” said Dylan Montagna, Dimond’s first-baseman..

Henrickson’s junior year was probably his best year for sports.

He gained two more varsity letters for football and baseball, and reached his goal for becoming the starting quarterback.

“Kyle has patiently waited his turn to be starting QB. It is now his time to carry the team to a state championship and I hope the best for him this season,” said Brad Lauwers.

For baseball, Henrickson had an above-average high school season, and a pretty good legion season.

During a game against Service High School, Henrickson smashed his first career high school home run.

“Oh, I knew it was gone off the bat. There was absolutely no doubt about it,” said Dan Montagna, Dimond’s head coach.

So far in Henrickson’s senior year, he has played quarterback for Dimond football, and he is looking forward to baseball season.

Henrickson’s plans after high school are to earn a scholarship for baseball or football. His dream school for baseball is Arizona State University, and football is undecided.