Senior Spotlight: Kyler Maisey

Walking through the halls of Dimond High school, one will glance at many faces and people, but one face will stick out above the rest.

“Standing 6’5”, 180 pounds,” said Brad Lauwers at the homecoming assembly, “Prince Kyler Maisey”

Maisey’s head sticks out above the crowd of students and he his easily picked out by his dazzling smile that can make anyone having a bad day at least shyly smirk.

When senior Dathan Jeffries, one of Maisey’s closests friends, thinks about him the word that comes to mind is, “smiley.”

Maisey is an example of an overall good person and student who radiates a positive energy to everyone he encounters. He is very dedicated to his commitments and is an extremely hard worker.

Maisey is also one of Dimond’s premiere student athletes, competing in four varsity sports including tennis, baseball, basketball and football.

He has been very successful in many of these sports.

Maisey is on the number one doubles team and competed in the Region finals.

Senior Derek Stone and captain of the tennis team stated, “Kyler is one of our most talented players with the way he can cover the court and his ability to hit winners. He really brings together the team.”

Alongside that, he is a vital part of the basketball and baseball team that are both favorites for competition in state championships as well.

Jeffries said, “Kyler is amazing, as an athlete and a leader. When he sees others that are struggling he helps them.”

Jeffries played basketball with Maisey through his four years at Dimond.

Maisey helps motivate on and off the court. Jeffries said, “Our coach had just got done yelling at us for not running as a team so Kyler brought us together gave us a talk and motivated us to do better.”

Maisey played varsity football for his sophomore and junior year and had two successful seasons as a wide receiver and kickoff returner, but decided to stick with tennis for his senior year.

“My favorite experiences at my time at Dimond are playing sports with my friends,” Maisey said.

In his off time Maisey is just as busy as he would be with school. Either he is working with his dad for eight hour days or he is out on the lake enjoying a nice day.

Kyler is also a young business entrepreneur with lawn mowing business that he runs over the summer, completing lawn tasks for cash around his neighborhood.

His favorite things to do when he is not busy with sports and school are listening to music, working on his truck and water skiing with his friends.

Maisey said, “I started water skiing my freshman year when my best friend put his boat on Sand Lake, and we have been doing it ever since. It has become one of my favorite things to do over the summer.”

His plans for the future are to go to college and to become a dentist, but until then, he plans to continue to have a successful academic and athletic year at Dimond and hopefully win some state championships.

Maisey is an example of a hard working person full of integrity, one of many that Dimond’s 2018 graduating class is producing.

Maisey said,“I’d like to thank my family, friends, coaches, and teachers for my success.”