Senior Spotlight: Alisa Pairmore

Seniors are slowly getting through the final year of high school and many still don’t know what college they are going to be attending.

That isn’t the case for senior Alisa Pairmore. She is a very talented soccer player who is already committed to George Fox University in Oregon.

George Fox University is a Christian college that has a Division III athletics school. Their season record last year for soccer was six wins, eight ties and two losses.

Pairmore is going to make a great addition to their soccer team and hopefully help raise their seasons stats.

Leaving for college is a time when most people leave their friends to go live and study outside of their hometown.

Luckily for Pairmore, her longtime club teammate, Amy Hatter, has also committed to playing soccer and continuing her studies at George Fox University.

George Fox University is a Division III athletics school and it now has two very talented Alaskan soccer players ready to show how talented they are.

As soccer season is coming to a start and the girls are defending their state championship win, sadly it is coming to an end for Pairmore.

Pairmore is a very talented athlete, and she is one of  many hardworking students at Dimond High School.

However, Pairmore stands out from the rest, and Senior Brooke Liland thinks the same.

Liland said, “ If I had to describe Alisa in three words it would be realistic, funny and driven.”

Pairmore knows what she wants to do in life, and not many students can say the same this early into their senior year.

Senior Hannah Goodrum has been friends with Pairmore since seventh grade and has nothing but kind words about Pairmore.

“ Alisa is one of the most driven, loyal and genuine people here at Dimond,” Goodrum said.

Not only is Pairmore dedicated to her education, she also makes time for soccer and her friends.

“ We’ve played soccer together and against each other for a combined total of 10 years now,” Liland said.

It’s hard to make time for everything and everybody while managing to make good grades, and Pairmore does just that. She does what most people can’t juggle all at once.

Pairmore has great teammates and fans such as Liland and Goodrum to support her through everything.

Goodrum supports Pairmore in every soccer match and has even seen her win two State championships.

Even though Pairmores’ soccer season at Dimond High School is coming to an end this year, Goodrum still is going to cheer Pairmore on throughout college.

“ I don’t think our friendship will change, I think our friendship will stay the same once we both leave for college.

“ I’m looking forward to cheering her on in her college endeavors,” Goodrum said.

Goodrum will be one of Pairmores lifelong friend and fan, who will cheer her on through everything.

With a great teammate and a great fan as your best friend it makes High School a lot less stressful.

College is coming quick for the seniors and soon they will all have to say goodbye to their closest friends.

“ I will miss everything about Alisa, I’ll miss my best friend being around, I literally do almost everything with her.

“ Her house is my second home and sometimes I am there more than I am at my own home.” Liland said.

People say that you meet your lifelong friends in college, but for Liland, Pairmore and Goodrum that isn’t the case.

Anyone can tell, even if you don’t know them that these girls will always be there for each other.

These three girls are just an example of some of the most driven girls you will meet here at Dimond High School.

Although Pairmore is leaving in August for George Fox University, she will have her closest friends cheering her on from other states.