Senior Spotlight: Takuma Inoue

“He’s a homie, known him since kindergarten,” Chanelle Martinez said about Prom king Takuma Inoue.

Inoue is a hardworking, smart, friendly, athletic student at Dimond. He has swum varsity all four years, gotten As in Honors and AP classes, is on Prom Court, and has a magnitude of highly overlooked accomplishments.

In November Inoue was awarded with a very prestigious scholarship, Questbridge, that gave him a full ride to Brown University, in Providence, Rhode Island.

He was awarded this in part because of his hard work in school and extracurricular activities. Every student at Dimond who plans to attend college should be jealous of him, because he will not have student debt.

“Takuma is that one person in the immersion program that when anyone is confused or does not know what is going on you ask him, and he always has an answer. He’s that guy,” Senior Hahna Wood said about Inoue being in the Japanese Immersion Program with him since kindergarten.

“He is allergic to everything, but he never complains about anything he is allergic to. It’s really refreshing compared to all the people that have to bring it up every time they eat,” Wood said.

Like Wood, many people support Inoue because they love the kind of person he is, and want to see him succeed.

“He is future Prom king, I know that my opinion does hold meaning compared to votes, but I don’t care. He is my Prom king,” Wood said.

Inoue did end up being Prom king this weekend at the dance. Senior Kylie Judd was chosen queen.

“It was incredible to win with Takuma and to dance with someone so caring, driven, and sweet,” Judd said.

“I am so happy he won. Takuma really deserved it the most,” Judd said.

Inoue had support from people who really would not consider themselves close friends, but who love to see him do well because of his great supportive personality.

Inoue has also participated in the band since the sixth grade and is a good clarinetist.

“I first met Takuma in band he is super good at playing the clarinet,” Anna Krsnak, a senior, said. Inoue’s prominence in non-academic activities shows how well-rounded he is.

Another example is Inoue’s participation on the varsity swim team since freshman year.

Inoue has always been a hard worker, and his teammates in the sports he does really appreciate and love all he does for them.

“Takuma’s a ‘G’. He is such a great teammate to have swimming,” Senior Chris Loudon, a fellow varsity swimmer, said about Inoue.

“Takuma is the best person in the world, I love him. He is amazing,” Senior Shayla Blood said.

Inoue is thought to be a saintly like person who everyone looks up to. He can do no wrong in many people’s eyes.

“In the eighth grade my friend and I formed a group with Takuma and we called it TASAGI, because those are each the beginnings of our names,” Senior Gigi Powelson said. She spoke about how Inoue  helped create this funny little “club” and showed his overlooked creative side.

“I would say my favorite thing about our friendship is that we both like to keep things lighthearted and upbeat,” Senior Wayne Koelsch, Inoue’s best friend since the seventh grade, said.

“I admire his work ethic and everything he has achieved,” Koelsch said.

The views people have about Inoue are very strong. They also have a tendency to be positive opinions of him, and that is due to the very respectable, positive, funny, hardworking way that he presents himself.

The way that he presents himself as what causes people to gravitate to him and become the king of our school.