Senior Spotlight: Javin Frelin

Senior Javin Frelin recently graduated from A.J. Dimond High School.

Frelin plans on going to college at the Pacific University of Oregon in August where he will study business and pursue his football interests.

Frelin said, “I played football at Dimond all throughout high school and also joined track and field my freshman year.

“Thus, I earned two varsity letters in football and one in track and field.”

In addition to after-school sports, Frelin also works at part-time jobs. 

Frelin said, “I started out as a front receptionist, then I ran my own lawn business, then I worked a manual labor job and then a tree job. Afterwards I did real estate marketing, and now I’m a security guard.”

Senior Burak Turker believes that Frelin is a deserving student.

Turker said, “He’s a hard worker who is focused and determined to achieve the goals he sets for himself.

“I actually met Javin my freshman year in Honors English class and ever since then we have grown to become great friends.”

Frelin is also known to be a relaxed and straight-forward person.

Senior Andrei Bautista stated, “I would describe Javin as a guy who knows what he wants, but also cares about people. 

“He is also a helping hand if he has the time.”

Additionally, Turker said, “Javin is someone who is very laid back and easy going and he is definitely always in a positive mood.”

As Frelin departs with high school, he will always remember his times here at Dimond.

Frelin said, “One of my favorite events from Dimond will definitely be home games for football.”

Besides work, Frelin likes to hang out with friends and work out in his free time. 

“One time we went hiking up Flattop with Javin and on the way down we got into a competition on who can get down the fastest. 

“He fell and dirtied his white jacket and accidentally slapped my face on the way down,” Turker said with laughter.  

Frelin is a vigorous athlete and a sedulous student. 

Turker said, “Unlike most people his age, he already has determined what he wants to do in the future and how he will get there successfully.”

In concurrence, Bautista stated, “Javin is unique because he’s dedicated and willing to help and take care of the people he cares about.”

Frelin looks up to his father.

“My dad has had the greatest influence on me because of his successes and his character.”

Frelin has left a good impression on those he knows and will unquestionably be remembered by many.

Turker said, “My favorite thing about Javin is probably how laid back and easygoing he is and he doesn’t make a problem about anything.”

This being Frelin’s last year in high school, his friends had a couple of last words of farewell.

Bautista stated, “Good luck in life and hit me up if you ever want to talk about life.”

Moreover, Turker said, “We have built a great friendship and I am looking forward to seeing what we do next in life.

“I hope we can fulfill our dreams after college and work together on the projects we have been planning.”

In closing, Frelin said, “I am going to miss my friends for sure.”