Is the “D” Logo Cursed?

People are still wondering if the D is still cursed, even after the construction was completed. The D logo was in the old building. When it was brought over it ended up breaking and so they ended up having to make new stories long before the earthquake that people used to step all over it. Now rope has been placed around it and has been there since the earthquake in 2018. Now west does have a school tradition and if you step on the eagle it is bad luck for the whole school and dates back to the 50s so this is about 70 years ago. Dimond Student Dhalia Covarrubias thinks that the D logo is still cursed and you can’t change her mind about it because of superstition. Dimond Student Tristan also thinks it is still cursed.

Dimond Student Dannika Schneider thinks that it’s not cursed but thinks it’s funny that the freshmen do think it is cursed. When I asked Mr. Kleckner about it he said “it is not cursed and people have been stepping on it many times and we are still having a great year so far.”. He thinks that we should make it a tradition not to step on the D so we don’t need a rope. Mrs. Melican does not think that the D logo is cursed alongside Mr. Kleckner. Now there are many different opinions on this and it depends on how long you have been here. Ms.Nurmi has never heard of the D logo curse in all the time she has been here. 

I interviewed a senior who has been here for 3 years, then I interviewed a teacher, and last but not least I interviewed one of our principals. Now there are cases where people have never even heard of the D logo being cursed. So in conclusion, what is your opinion on this story?