Volunteering in Anchorage

Volunteering at a local organization is a great way to spend your time supporting people. Maybe you want to fill your week or enjoy the fulfillment of helping others, but signing up and volunteering once or twice a week is a great way to solve those situations! Many communities are happy to take in anyone, and you can be doing something you love! Like petting cats and making sure they feel loved, taking dogs out for walks, or cooking quality food for local shelters. It doesn’t have to be active work or involve money but it can take a load off of someone’s day.

The Alaska SPCA Adoption Center has always welcomed volunteers to pet and love the animals! They can feel lonely and become desolate if they don’t get a good stretch or chin scratch every once in a while. It is a very knit-together community with dedicated workers and a welcoming space. Volunteering here can give many smiles and possibly welcome a new friend into your home if the connection is strong enough. You shouldn’t adopt an animal if unable to care for them, so it’s advised you foster first. Especially if you have other animals to make sure they get along.

If you wish to help people without too much responsibility, volunteering at Jewel Lake’s Assisted Living Home might be for you! It’s a senior home that only expects two hours a month, roughly 30 minutes a week. At senior homes, you’re expected to listen to the residents’ day and keep them company while helping with small tasks that they request. If you are a social butterfly and like to engage in trivial conversations, you may love assisting there. It can make people’s day to enjoy a ‘youngsters’ company.

For most organizations, you need to be accompanied by an adult if under 18, though rules can fluctuate. If you have a certain community you want to volunteer at, doing your own research would benefit you before trying to sign up. It can even show how committed you are and make signing up easier.

Another method of volunteer work would be any of the organization-funded runs! There are plenty of runs going on that you can join if you can stand the cold. People do charity runs because a big community of people coming together for one cause can attract the eyes of big sponsors that’ll then donate a specific amount of money to said charity. You may think you are just one, but coming together into a group can gain the attention of many.

No matter what route you may choose, volunteer work can help on both ends. You are helping the people of the organization and you get the cleansing feeling of doing good. If committed, you can earn a job or mark it down on a future resume. You should always strive to help others and just an hour a week can do just that.