How to Enjoy Reading and Writing

You can’t make someone enjoy something if they do not like it. You can value something more than it is because of emotional bonds, but if someone doesn’t like an activity or item, it’ll bring no inherent satisfaction. An example would be a kid’s drawing. You adore it because a kid drew it, but it doesn’t make it good or something you would appreciate if not for the illustrator.

        When it comes to likes and dislikes, everyone is different. No one person has the same interests, levels of passion, and disinterests because everyone is unique and perceives things differently. Despite this, you can learn to value things. Regarding reading, many may think of school and getting told to read something for a grade when they dislike the story. When imagining writing, you may think of essays, homework assignments, English, and activities many kids don’t want. This ingrained dissatisfaction with reading and writing may be a reason many kids don’t like to do either in their free time because it’s conjoined closely to school.

        Reading and writing are very powerful tools that anyone can learn to enjoy with the right story. A good book you choose and read in your own time can spark new entertainment and a side you never knew you wanted. Reading is a great way to spend your time, also gain knowledge, possibly improving your sleep, reducing stress, and strengthening your brain while envisioning a fantasy world of your choosing.

        Writing can be just as important, if not more. Much of documented history is from old books written by historical figures or your average person. Diaries, biographies, or your own story narratives can help get your emotions and feelings out while improving memory function, grammar, and mood. You are not obligated to show anyone your writings, and that’s okay! It’s for you and the paper to know. Documenting your mental health can help you see patterns, understand yourself and your emotions better, and possibly improve your self-esteem.

Reading and writing can be immensely beneficial for everyone, so it’s a shame not many people enjoy them or engage in stories outside of school, but they can be taught. You can’t force something. If you dislike reading and writing, that’s okay, but you can get into the habit and potentially grow to love it.

If you want to learn to value reading, then you should make time for it. When you have many things to do, it’s hard to enjoy something you don’t need to do when not having a drive for it. You can make time to read by scheduling or giving yourself a goal by the end of the week or day to read ‘X’ amount of pages/chapters. You can learn to prioritize it after you begin to want it. Most importantly, make sure it’s a good book! You don’t need to like the first book that you pick. Going to the school library, or even outsourcing online, borrowing suggested books from friends or other public libraries are good ways to find your match and you can always decide you don’t like a book and move on to something you will.

If you want to learn how to favor writing specifically, then it may be ideal to pair it with reading. It’s important to always write about something you enjoy in your free time, but to cherish it a little more it might be nice to get inspiration from a good book. Knowing what you want to replicate or the style you enjoy can help guide you through your piece. You can write fantasy, autobiography, or even your own cookbook. If anything is too close to school for you and you are no longer enjoying it, you can drop it at any time until you get that flow you want. Try to not delete your story because you may want to go back for inspiration, continue the story with a fresh mind, or in the future, know what level of writing you were.

Reading and writing are beneficial tools that can help you physically and mentally. If you want to enjoy either of those, making time for it and finding something in it that you love is always a great start. One day, you may have a newfound passion to follow and share with others to spark their own inspiration.