Habits: What’s Good, What’s Bad?

Do you have good or bad habits? I think most people try to make good habits but sometimes it ends up failing but some people go through with it. A student in my class named Nathan Panamaroff said “I play games to relax.” My journalism teacher, Mx. Fletcher says they have quite a few habits and one is coming into school at 6 am. Everyone has habits, some are good, and some are bad. One can be brushing your teeth every day, another good one could be getting to class on time, turning in your assignments on time, and checking your grade to see if you did good or bad on an assignment. Some bad ones can be not getting enough sleep at night, not charging your devices when you are home at night, or not taking care of yourself such as not brushing your teeth or taking a shower or flossing. A few habits can be waking up early or going to sleep very late at night. Another student in my class  named Ryan Coker says “I like to talk about my car a lot,” Finally, a student in my class named Jackson Nelson says “I like to drive and hang out with my friends.” Habits can be as bad as biting your nails or not taking care of yourself. Everyone has a habit of pulling into a parking spot instead of backing in or leaving stuff in their vehicle like a coat or phone. When people form habits it usually takes up to 254 days or as little as 66 days.

Good habits:                                Bad habits:

Brushing your teeth                           Speeding in your vehicle

Taking a shower often                      Not exercising

Charging your phone                       Going to sleep late

Saying good morning                      Not taking care of yourself 

Backing into a parking spot           Getting to class late

Cleaning your room                           Slouching

Spending time with family and friends  Procrastinating

Drinking water every day                Eating junk food

Eating healthy                                   Being Lazy

Meditating                                         Not being nice to others

Being nice and polite to everyone    Being selfish

Eating your vegetables                        Not helping around

Personal Growth                                Assignments late

Having Goals                                      Yelling at others

Having a clean room                        Destroying school property

Doing work on time                         Any form of violence

Using Manners                                 Not staying clean

Washing hands often                       Wasting time

Being truthful                                     Lying to others

Getting fresh air outside                   Valuing other’s opinion

Having good posture                        Not respecting someone