What Teachers Do After School

A silly misconception that many students here have is that teachers don’t leave the school after school hours, which in itself seems quite silly, but some students still believe that. Well, it’s simply not true. So that leads us to a question that the Igarmakin staff had: What do teachers do after school? While the answer to this question would seem obvious, it does vary quite a bit. For most teachers after the bell rings, they will either go home or get some work done such as grading, or stay here at Dimond to do sports and clubs and eventually head home. There are a few teachers that do remain after school to work on school activities such as Astronomy teacher Mr. Campbell who works on coaching sports and our librarian here at Dimond, Mrs. Melican, who works a ton for sports and events after school. We also have Social Studies teacher, Mr. Peters who works on theater after school and enjoys going home to hang out with his dog and watch sports. But what about the other staff here at Dimond? If you haven’t guessed already, believe it or not, they live like most regular adults. ISS teacher and Rifley coach Ms. Doxsee will often head to the gym after school and head home to do other activities. Mr. Wheeles frequently spends his after-school grading to then head home to watch sports and relax. Ms. Essary spends her time after school just like most of the other teachers, grading and cleaning her classroom and going to meetings. So as you can see teachers do have regular lives after school and most of them grade after school or work on sports and clubs.