Track Team Hoping for Success this Year

The Dimond High School track team is looking to run the state this year when it comes to track and field.

The team has had great success the past few years, along with having some of the best athletes and fastest sprinters in the state ranging from Jordan Tufaga for guys and Maylia Lyken for girls.

The girls coach, and Dimond teacher  Kathleen Navarre, has her hopes set for state again this year after winning it last year. “I, of course believe Dimond will be in the running for state this year along with the Colony High School girls,” she said.

“I’m looking forward to seeing what some of the girls will bring this year like, Vanessa Tufaga, Taylor Sims, as well as Maylia Lyken.”

One thing the girls team has this year is depth. “We have four to five of the top athletes in each event,” Navarre said.

The Dimond throwing team lost its top three throwers this past year but still has some students ready to step up and fill their shoes.

Dimond High School Senior Noa Otto is one of the students looking to step up this year when it comes to the shot put.

“I’m looking forward to this year because I’m looking forward to winning state this year”, Otto stated.

“I’m the best shot put thrower at Dimond High School, Gabe Mayo is probably best discus thrower at Dimond but I know i’m the best shot put thrower,” Otto said.

The season comes with it’s ups and downs, and sometimes it can get hard to stay focused and go out and win each competition week in and week out.

Otto, doesn’t fear anything this upcoming season. “The hardest part of track is going to be nothing, nothing is too hard for me,” he said.

The throwing coach and Dimond teacher Nicholas Winkler is entering his second year as a throwing coach and is looking forward to just going out and competing and having fun this year.

“I believe Dimond is going to win this year,” Winkler said.

“I am looking forward to seeing what Gabe Mayo will do coming back from a good season for him last year”, Winkler says.

Dimond High Junior Jordan Tufaga is the fastest 100-Meter sprinter in the state for mens.

Dimond is looking for him to help carry the team this year as well as accomplish things above and beyond.

“I love track and my track teammates, I’m looking forward to getting back out on the track and running as fast as I can,” Tufaga said.

“There are many other good sprinters around the state that are going to be pushing for the number one spot and make me work harder and harder each week but I’m ready for it and my team is ready for it,” Tufaga said.